Creating feature files on your local Notepad ++

At times, we as automation testers must connect to a remote VM to develop our test scripts in BDD. This is mostly due to the organization policy that one cannot have the source code on their local machine. It is also observed that it is quite a heavy operation to open the IDE and load the entire solution where you just need to design a Gherkin with let’s say one scenario in a separate feature file. To make this process lighter, we can develop our scenarios on our local using Notepad ++. By default, Notepad ++ doesn’t identify the Gherkin language so a UDL is needed. This UDL is actually developed by a BDD pioneer named ‘Andy Knight’ who owns a very famous and successful BDD blog at

Steps to enable Notepad ++ to consider the GHERKIN language:

  • Download the ‘gherkin_npp_udl.xml’ file from
  • Open Notepad++ on your local and click on Languages menu > Define a Language > Import the downloaded file
  • Save the file as ‘.feature’ and try writing your first feature file on your notepad using the GHERKIN language and it should now provide you the correct indentation and color coding.

This might look like a trivial thing when you start to use it but believe me while working with a big team having multiple development VM’s where test scenarios were written, this quick tip of writing/designing the feature file on your local and then moving it to the solution on your VM might help to save some good amount of time.


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